“THE CALL assessment is a powerful tool that provided me with a detailed report of my unique gifting. It helped put into words why I enjoyed certain aspects of my job and why others were either challenging or not enjoyable. This insight was invaluable in validating my feelings and views of who I am as an employee and as a person.” — Matt, Community Center

“I am personally thankful that I found Carol Lee. She made herself available the moment
I needed to talk. Carol is both professional and supportive. She consistently delivered
excellent support, insight, caring and counseling expertise. Carol has a wonder combination
of pragmatism, spirituality, and heart. Thank you, Carol!” — Pam K, SF Bay Area


“I have been working at a job of my choice for several years but I was beginning to struggle.
My boss suggested taking THE CALL. What a pleasure for me to work with Carol as a Coach!
She extracted from me useful insights into both my current job as well as possible future roles
for me. She was able to step back from the discussion and look at situations from different angles. This different perspective she introduced was key to solving my own particular challenge. It’s amazing what a simple tilt of the lens will do. Carol provides this dynamic view with ease and with a gentle manner.” — Matt I, SF Bay Area

“I am a missionary in West Africa. Carol suggested that I take THE CALL before I left, as part of my preparation. Walking through the information that the CALL provided, I gained insight into my own strengths and weaknesses and places where I could grow…Once moving to West Africa, the information that came from THE CALL was really put into good use. All in all, THE CALL and my time with Carol Lee has really been such a blessing to my ministry here. I still continue to use that information to help guide my time here. Thank you Carol and THE CALL for your wisdom and all that it did to prepare me for my big move to West Africa.” — Autumn, Ghana, West Africa).


“Our organization is very fortunate to have you as a counselor for its overseas teachers.
The report generated by THE CALL is very helpful for the team relationships. It is also a
very concrete way to affirm all of the teacher’s gifts and provide some guidance for conflict
resolution. I am deeply in debt to your contribution to our University Teaching Program.”
— Martha, President of teacher’s organization, California

“Our church began using THE CALL with people engaged in cross-cultural work. Whether our purpose of the assessment was to help one understand oneself, to understand where one is as part of a team or in a foreign culture, or to affirm direction and calling in transition, we found the results of THE CALL to be authentic, and always give significant insight to every participant.”
— Sharon S, Missions Coordinator, Redwood City

“I found THE CALL personally rewarding. This assessment gave me insights based upon Scripture, about my personal strengths, weaknesses, spiritual gifts, and tendencies. I have also found it practical in working through areas of weakness, as well as how to improve my working relationships with others. The CALL helped me identify, understand, and take specific steps to address my tendencies and weaknesses.” — Anthony, Director, community center