Carol Lee, LMFT, is an experienced, practical, and compassionate Marriage and Family Therapist.

With grace born from personal life experience, she brings insight, understanding, and wisdom
to your counseling sessions.

Carol works with individuals in all life stages: from teenage to retired, single to married. She
is gentle, insightful, and able to relate to a wide range of individuals. Having grown up outside
of the U.S. and traveled extensively, Carol is uniquely equipped to work with people of various cultures, ethnic backgrounds, and religious beliefs.

For people of all ages, Carol is easy to relate to: warm, personable, down-to-earth, and compassionate, and is known to be both “tough” and “tender”.

Areas of Expertise:

    • Marriage relationships
    • Life stage transitions ,and crisis situations
    • Young adult issues: career, relationship, family
    • Divorce recovery, grief work.