Can you imagine finding someone who can help you get “un-stuck”, or who can help you
get more of what you want and need in life?

Carol Lee is a Career and Life Coach who works effectively with individuals and couples
facing life-transitions, or who feel “stuck” in their career or life. Her coaching work has been transformed by use of the online assessment tool, “THE CALL”.

Whether you are 17 and facing college/career decisions, or a young adult seeking clarity regarding your unique gifts and calling … whether you seek a better understanding of your marriage partner, face mid-life transitions, or seek career direction, “THE CALL” is a useful assessment and affirmation tool. Carol’s use of THE CALL, combined with her gifts of
leadership, encouragement, and networking, make her effective as a coach. Her wisdom,
insight, and warmth make her easy to relate to.

Areas of speciality: 

  • Individuals seeking clarity on life direction or career.
  • Marriage relationships.
  • Young adults entering college and asking the question: “who am I? what is
    my life calling?”
  • Organizations seeking to work effectively in hiring, team building, equipping.